How This New Canadian Immigration Trend Could Benefit You

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The sudden pressure of COVID-19 has forced many countries to a standstill and created unexpected public policies in relation to immigration. In Canada, the Minister of Immigration has made room for persons with temporary status to obtain permanent residence. It has been a game-changer for so many families and people who have been residing in Canada during the pandemic.

For instance, while Express Entry draws have hit record low scores for invitations, international students without the correct NOC code work experience have been offered the chance to apply for permanent residence.

Essential temporary workers in a low skill level also have access to permanent residence, along with refugee claimants in essential work positions (without a hearing). Another recent change is that visitors have been allowed to apply for work permits while inside Canada.

These new policies have been positive for the industry, primarily as they focused on providing options for people typically struggling to gain a smooth pathway to permanent residency. It includes those who are up in age or those with low language test results.

However, now that things are opening up in many Provinces, many are worried that the opportunities are over. There are also limited capacities for some programs that prohibit many from taking advantage of the policies. We agree that these new public policies are not permanent and don’t change immigration regulations. Although, we believe people should remain hopeful to see more exemptions, especially as there is still a need for immigration to pull the country back on track.

Programs In The Pipeline
It has been heartwarming to be able to empower so many immigration seekers recently, especially after they felt that their situation seemed hopeless. The key to success when immigrating is to be proactive, as many of these programs are time-sensitive. Therefore, we encourage immigration seekers to stay up to date by regularly checking the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website for program deadlines. It will enable them to review the criteria and see if they are eligible.

If you need assistance immigrating to Canada or understanding the process, get in touch with us today. We will walk you through the process to see if you meet the criteria and explain the alternative options available.

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