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Family Sponsorship is a foundational immigration program that honors the importance of Family Reunification in Canada prior to the 1960’s this was the main source of migration to Canada. Although the attention has switched over to Economic based programs, this stream of migration to Canada is still very viable. To be sponsored as a family member you must be:

  • A spouse, common law, or conjugal partner of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • A dependent child 22 and under (including adopted children) of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • A parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Any relative of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident when there is no other family member residing in Canada.

All family member relationships must be proven as genuine with varying supporting documents that validate your relationship. For example a Marriage certificate alone is not sufficient to prove a marriage relationship. Give examples of other supporting documents. Photos

The first step of the process is to determine if the sponsor is eligible to sponsor the spouse, partner, or child.

  • Eligibility requirements
  • You can not Sponsor if
  • MAY not be eligible to sponsor if
  • 18 years old minimum
  • You’re a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada, or a person registered in Canada as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act
    • If you’re a Canadian citizen living outside Canada, you must show that you plan to live in Canada when the persons you want to sponsor become permanent residents in Canada-Permanent residents are not permitted to love outside Canada and sponsor someone-elaborate with example.
  • You’re able to prove that you’re not receiving social assistance for reasons other than a disability
  • You can provide for the basic needs of any persons you want to sponsor.
  • If the above requirements are not met
  • If your permanent residence application is still processing
  • If you were sponsored by a partner less than 5 years ago
  • You are still responsible for the previous undertaking of a sponsorship
  • If you are in jail or a penitentiary
  • If you didn’t pay back an immigration loan, performance bond, or court-ordered family support
  • Failed to honor financial support for a previous sponsorship
  • Declared bankruptcy and are not discharged
  • Receiving social assistance (other than disability)
  • Convicted of attempting, threatening to attempt, or committing a violent offence
  • Any offense against a relative
  • Any sexual offense inside or outside of Canada
  • Required to leave Canada due to a removal order

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