Study Permit

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This is a great way to lean into the permanent residence when you are ready and qualify. Initially, when entering Canada as a student the purpose is to obtain a Canadian education. After completion of studies, you have the ability to obtain Canadian Work Experience which can be accounted towards your Canadian Experience Class application for permanent residence. This is definitely a journey we would love to assist you on. The first step would be meeting the requirements of obtaining a study permit, the officers assess (not limited to):

Purpose of visit letter of Acceptance (for example the program choice)

  • Financial capability
  • Ties to country of residence
  • Ties to Canada
  • Family ties
  • Assets and financial security in-country
  • Criminal admissibility

These are just a few of the areas that the officer assesses. The main objective is to get the officer to understand your intention to study. Allow us to assist you in presenting your application to reflect your intentions of study and the benefit that it will have on you.